Umass Agreement

In an email, Haas said she was sensitive to conflicts of interest, but there isn`t one when it comes to the research agreement with IBM, which was “ongoing” long before I got to UMass. It added that it was not cooperating with the IBM research group, which was a party to the agreement, and that its role on the steering committee was “mostly pro forma”.” Thus, in its contract with IBM, UMass grants the company “an option to negotiate an exclusive marketing license” for UMass inventions and common inventions “on economically reasonable terms.” The university gave PepsiCo “a first option to obtain an exclusive (with the right to sublicensing) worldwide license” for UMass` intellectual property or common intellectual property designed or developed as part of its research agreement, provided the company makes “prudent efforts” to commercialize this intellectual property in the public interest. “This is a research project, it is not work-for-hire, so the faculty member is the one who leads it, and responsible for respecting the terms of the agreement,” Haas wrote. “I couldn`t influence the direction of research, nor could I influence IBM`s business.” Students living on campus or using UMass campus facilities (libraries, rec centres, dining rooms, etc.) will need to sign a copy of this agreement at SPIRE in the fall of 2020, by July 31, 2020. If you have completed the agreement wrong or want to change your response, ask for a reset of the form. Students must also obtain a flu vaccine during the fall semester. participate in safe practices such as the use of hand sanitizers, prevention of facial touching, and sharing of food, beverages, utensils and similar items; and wash hands “with soap and water for at least 20 seconds often, especially after being touched in a public place or after blowing my nose, cough or belations, before touching food, and after using the bathroom,” according to the agreement. It is also unclear whether research agreements are likely to create conflicts of interest. Some of the companies UMass Amherst works with have been identified as the country`s biggest polluters. UMass Amherst`s Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) has named Dow Chemical and German chemical producer BASF, which signed a research agreement with UMass Amherst in 2013, as two of the country`s largest water polluters. These two companies were also placed in the top 10 of the PERI Toxic 100 Air Polluters Index, and several other research partners at the university have also compiled this list: General Motors; Paint, coating and equipment company PPG Industries; and the French manufacturer of materials and solutions, Saint-Gobain.


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